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The 2015-2016 Academic Year at Tutti Muzik will be starting on Friday, September 11th, 2015.
Looking forward to another great year of music!

Students may join our programs at any time during the year (subject to availability). There is an annual non-refundable registration fee ($30 for single, $45 for family).

Music for Young Children (MYC) (introduced to Tutti Muzik starting in 2011) is a wonderful multifaceted music program now with more than 24,000 students around the world. MYC builds a solid foundation of understanding and enjoyment of music. Singing together creates a special bond. Keyboard playing and rhythm ensembles nurture team skills. Creative movement develops individual expressiveness. Music reading and theory are reinforced with group activities and with colourful, hands-on materials. Composing integrates aural and written skills and gives children a sense of ownership. In addition to providing general musicianship training specifically designed for young children, MYC is a great musical introduction for young children because the child and parent bond as a "music team" during lessons. This “music team” carries on at home during daily practice and other family activities.

Most importantly, MYC is fun!!

All MYC programs cover certain material, designed for the development learning abilities appropriate to the age of the children in the program. The curriculum for each level is carefully geared and paced to the abilities and learning styles for that particular age.

The MYC levels being offered at Tutti Muzik this year are: Sunrise, Sunshine 1, Sunbeams 1, and Moonbeams 1.

Programmes at Tutti Muzik:
Sunrise: pre-keyboard program for 2-4 year-olds
Sunshine 1: 3-4 year-old beginners
Sunbeams 1: 5-6 year-old beginners
Moonbeams 1: 7-9 year-old beginners

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact:
Melody Louie, your MYC teacher at Tutti Muzik.
Melody Louie's Website
Please spread the word to friends and neighbours about this wonderful program, now available in your community!

Private lessons:

More than 18 different instruments are offered to students of different ages, ability levels, and interests. Students may register either for the full-term program or short-term program. New students automatically start with a 4-week tryout period to let them decide before committing to a longer term.

Students have the opportunity to perform at our formal concerts (held twice a year) and mini-concerts. We also help interested students prepare successfully for examinations and competitions.

If you would like to register, or need more details, please email us through our Contact page. Please include the following info to help us:

* Student's name
* Parents' name and contact info
* Mailing address
* Briefly describe instrument type, lesson duration, suitable day/time window(s), for lessons, and any other relevant info.

Pop/Rock groups:

Pop/Rock groups are great way for students to expand their musical experiences by learning how to play in a real band setting. The band setting is a fun way for students to see quick results as they learn to cover popular songs of their choice or create originals. Students can sign up on their own or with friends.

Group lessons:

Semi-private or small group lessons are available for most instruments. Find your own partner(s) and contact the school to sign up.

Ensemble Training Program:

The training program is designed for students who are interested in achieving a higher and more comprehensive level of musicianship in a fun and enjoyable way. Students for this program are typically already enrolled in a private lesson program at the school.

The main element of the program is chamber music and ensemble training. Currently, the focus is on string ensemble with piano accompaniment.

Students in this program have many opportunities to perform in public. Our ensemble training program has performed at the Centrepointe Theatre, the NAC Kinderconcerts, the Young String Performers Foundation concerts, the Aviation Museum (Manor Park event), and for seniors at the Garry Armstrong Long Term Care Centre.

The Ensemble Training Program at the Garry Armstrong Long-Term Care Home

The Ensemble Training Program performing at the NAC Kinderconcert, with NACO cellist Margaret Munro Tobolowska